Thursday, June 22, 2017

BAK 2017

Well, since the fixed gear hub got some important threads stripped out at the end of the Cottwonwood 200, we ran the fixed gear tandem as a 5 speed.  Glad we did, actually.  Not for the hills, but for the relentless wind and heat that blew at us all week.

So now, we have a month until our next ride, the Bon Ton Roulet in New York, which promises grades up to 12%.  SO, I spent last night turning this once-upon-a-time fixed gear into a 10 speed!  Yikes.

The TA cranks accept a wide range of chainring sizes.  This time, it's seeing a 32t and a 46t.  The range is pretty good, from about 30 gear inches up to about 87.

The generic rear freewheel goes from 14 to 28 teeth in pretty even steps

The rear derailleur is an ultegra, the front derailleur is a Suntour, the shifters are power ratchets, I think.  It all works very smoothly!

But, I miss the fixed gear.  We'll run out the summer like this, but I already have the new fixed gear hub to replace the trashed one, so I'll embark on building a wheel here shortly.

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