Friday, June 2, 2017

2017 rides

Being laid off from work means more time to ride!

After January 2017, we both had plenty of time to ride, so we did.  1400 miles through May.  All on this fixed gear tandem bike.

We rode:
Newton's Chisholm Trail ride
Hutchinson's Sandplum ride
McPherson's BamFam ride
Wichita's Wicked Wind
Cottonwood 200

The Cottonwood 200 had us feeling really good about riding this bike.  Despite the six or eight times we *had* to stand to get up a hill, we really felt the fixed gear helped us keep momentum, even going up inclines.

About five miles from the end of the ride, we lost the drive chain.  Well, it was worse than that -- the lock ring had come off with some of the hub's threads and the cog followed.  Rats.  We had been looking forward to riding this fixed on BAK again this year.  Oh well.  Back to a five-speed, I guess.

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